Friday, August 31, 2012


Well, time flies and when I saw that my last posting was in 2010 I couldn't believe that it's been two years! I haven't been baking much so I've decided that Tawny's Treats can include more than just baking and am going to be adding my other pursuits as I have time

This is my most recent and most complicated cross stitch undertaking. It was commissioned by a friend and took me 7 months to complete. She gave me several smaller projects to complete as I have time and inclination. 

My first large cross stitch project. I had been searching for a pattern I like for years. I had almost given up when I found this pattern from a woman in Australia. It was uncanny how closely it resembled what I had been sketching to create my own pattern since I couldn't find one I liked.

I have to hunt down other projects I've completed and take photos. Until then, Make it a crafty day!